SiteFusion and MarkLogic enter a OEM partnership

SiteFusion and US enterprise XML-/NoSQL database developer MarkLogic entered a strategic alliance, in order to offer European publishers a fully integrated solution for their processes on the basis of the state-of-art technology. Right on time for the Frankfurter Buchmesse 2018 SiteFusion and MarkLogic announce their OEM partnership. SiteFusion Release 6 includes, instead of the previous regional data base, the XML-/ NoSQL database MarkLogic out-of-the-box.


To master the future challenges in the area of XML processing and to ensure new possibilities for data management, key wording and the assembling, SiteFusion has decided to take this important step. Especially in the field of very large amount of data, data sourced out of several silos as well as in the area of search and semantic enrichment of documents, MarkLogic offeres possibilities, which are not available on the basis of a regional database in this form. 

The storage options of the data are sophisticated: XML and JSON documents, RDF Triples, geo, binary as well as metadata can be stored and processed in a structured or unstructured way. MarkLogic’s state-of-the-art database is especially designed for fast changes of data assets, allowing data to be integrated up to four times faster than a relational database. 

“The investment into our system, which we are doing with the transition to a whole new way of data storage, is certainly large – initial implementation already showed that this investment would be worthwhile. The boost of performance we get from integrating data into our CMS through MarkLogic is enormous. Within seconds, XML documents with tens of thousands of pages can be imported, processed and exported again. This benefits our customers as well as integration partners directly”, says Mario Kandler, CEO of SiteFusion.

“We are pleased to have SiteFusion as a new OEM partner. By migrating a relational database to our operational and transactional NoSQL database technology, the company is relies on a future-proof technology while simultaneously laying out the central groundwork for greater agility and flexibility. More than anything, SiteFusion users benefit immediately from the speed, which can be accomplished now in data integration and data management.”, said Andreas Rottenaicher, Director Alliances DACH, MarkLogic.