Specialist publishers

Specialist publishers have always been pioneers in the field of media-neutral data management and automated production. Data was already stored in a structured manner by using SGML, a pre-form of XML, to publish efficiently into analog and digital channels.

Books, trade journals, loose-leaf works, CD-ROMs, online applications – the list of products and channels traditional specialist publisher create, or supply is usually diverse. All the more important is

  • the dismantling of data silos that have evolved historically
  • a smart and comfortable creation of content and
  • efficient, workflow-controlled production

SiteFusion solves these tasks, by storing all assets in the MarkLogic NoSQL / XML database, processing the content using the resprective best tool for authors and lectors and executing all processes transparently using the BPM workflow engine.

We deliver standards where standards make sense and give customers their individual freedom where desired.

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