Educational publishers

Educational publishers are clearly the “newcomers” when it comes down to structured data storage.

Until recently, creative and layout-driven products, such as textbooks, were incompatible with granular and standardized data management, but there has been a change in thinking in the past 1-2 years.

DITA1.3 learning and training has become the de facto standard on the market as many large education providers are already relying on it and are in the process of adapting their content conceptually and technically to the topic-based approach.

Based on this data, digital products and business models will spring up in the next years. Thanks to modern interface architectures such as REST, these can be supplied easily, quickly and consistently by SiteFusion.

At the same time, publishers need a convenient way to continue to produce their creative books with great attention to detail out of their structured content. In this situation SiteFusion offers an answer with the solution for educational publishers.

However, the challenges that need to be solved do not only lie in the content, but also in the metadata. The efficient and transparent management of usage and exploitation rights of newly compiled content in multiple variants and diversions is a topic, which, among other things SiteFusion has committed itself to.

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