SKV Verlag

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Who is Verlag SKV ?

As one of the leading Swiss providers in commercial and business education and practice, Verlag SKV produces didactilly and contentwise high-quality education media. The publishing house has been publishing educational content since 1925 and has been committed to the successful model of “dual education” ever since.

Starting Point

It was a strategic decision to introduce a content management system into Verlag SKV. Customers are increasingly demanding individualized and personalized educational content in all kinds of different output formats. Up until now, this was only possible through manual production and distribution as well as high maintenance effort and expenditure of time. A system solution was needed allowing them automated or at least semi-automated content reuse. Hence the content conversion to the data format XML.


At the beginning, there was one project sponsor, two project managers and four power users from the publishing house and three contact persons from external partner pagina GmbH Publikationstechnologien. Today, the project team includes three publishing house employees in the areas of product management, graphics/layout, and project and content management.


Successful implementation of a content management system based on media-neutral data management to offer, sell and distribute content individually and cross-media content in different output formats and deliver it to the customer.

Melanie Künzler Project- & Content Management @ Verlag SKV
“The absolute highlight for me was to be able to transfer the entire content to our learning platform with the push of a button and see the fi nished design within a minute.”



Why SiteFusion?

• Customizable Fonto editor
• Automatic data export into their learning platform MODU:LAB
• Automatic InDesign- Publication
• Media Usage Rights Management
• Mikrotypo Script
• API to Abacus (ERP System)
• Keyword Widget to manage metadata
• White Label solution for other customers
• Task management with a wide range of question types


The focus at the beginning was still strongly on print and e-book media, as a pilot project was planned together with one customer. This strategy changed in the course of the project to “digital first” and another pilot project. A new digital learning platform called MODU:LAB was built as a second pilot project and had its go-live early 2022. Subsequently, the platforms CASE:LAB and TEACH:LAB were implemented and form together the new Lerngalaxie
[eng. Study Galaxy]. Implementation Partner EBCONT, also partook in the project and implementation while the online learning platforms were being developed. It was a major challenge to launch different outputs in parallel, to manage pilot projects and to implement the connection of the license management.


The API connections to MODU:LAB, said online learning platform, to icefox for print output and to Abacus, their ERP system, were specifically designed for Verlag SKV. Furthermore customizations were made to the Fonto XML editor and the Media Usage Rights Environment.

Gianni Cocchiarella Production Management & Grafi cs / Layout @ Verlag SKV
„The challenge lies in finding balance between traditional book production and media-neutral content, but its certainly a lot of fun to explore the technologies.




1 Selection & Project Start

• Evaluation & decision for SiteFusion
• Infrastructure & system
• Setup kick-off integration project

2 Workflows & Publishing

• Implementation of the basic workflow incl. roles and checklists
• Creation of the workflow for online learning platform (data export)
• Customization XML editor (Fonto)
• Implementation of metadata and keywords
• InDesign publication through integration of Icefox
• Data collection of the pilot projects
• Creation of microtypography script and integration into the workflow

3 Media Usage Rights & API

• Implementation of Media Usage Rights Management
• Migration to new DITA LCE including 13 different task types
• API from Abacus to SiteFusion
• Data pool implementation for White Label solution
• API: SiteFusion to digital learning platform
• Finalization of InDesign publication in SF

4 Finetuning

• Adaptations of online learning platform according to requirements
• Fine tuning of Fonto XML editor
• InDesign publication of the new question types
• Generated content like tabs, tables of contents
• Adaptations to Abacus workflow
• Creation of digital PDFs (workflow, single PDFs for learning platforms)