Penguin Random House Verlagsgruppe

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Who is Penguin Random House Verlagsgruppe?

The Penguin Random House Verlagsgruppe (PRH Germany) is part of the international publishing group Penguin Random House, a division of media, services and education group Bertelsmann.

Starting Point

The Penguine Random House Verlagsgruppe employe around 900 people and publishes yearly about 2,500 titles in its over 40 publisher houses. As the largest German-language trade publisher, it is the publishing home of numerous important and successful authors.


The German trade publishing group wanted to systemically manage all their production data in one place, which can be made available internally and externally just as required.
The workflow engine allows manual work steps to be partially automated, resulting in reduced manual effort. One of the key requirements was to give external service providers direct, user-friendly access to the system based on specific task assignments, roles and authorizations. In addition, the Penguin Random House Verlagsgruppe needed a solution that would allow it to expand into additional production lines and to extend process control onto further digital assets.

Susanne Senz DAM Manager @ PRH Verlagsgruppe
“To simplify collaboration across departments and with external partners, and to
make processes as efficient as possible, we were looking for an integrated and easy-to-use
DAM. On top of that, SiteFusion has the potential to support our future needs to grow”


Why SiteFusion?

• Integrated workflow engine for uniform business processes
• Extensive metadata management
• Structured user guidance
• SiteFusion Portal
… and more


After evaluating several content management solutions, the trade publishing group chose the CMS SiteFusion to streamline the production process and create a new method to improve the interaction with external service providers.

Thomas Weinberger CEO @ SiteFusion
“The entire SiteFusion team is incredibly proud to count Penguin Random House, the largest German-language trade publisher, among our customers. Together we’ll make the future of publishing processes even more successful.”




After a successful proof-of-concept with SiteFusion, the publishing group was able to go live with the new DAM system after just a few months.

1 Workflow-Engine

SiteFusion offers the possibility to standardize workflows based on very individualized rules. In contrast to other systems, the BPMN engine is deeply integrated into SiteFusion, providing greater automation capabilities.

2 Metadata Management

The organization and management of granular production metadata gives the various publishing departments visibility and central control over their content and digital assets.

3 User Guidance

SiteFusion’s user experience is highly intuitive for basic users and more sophisticated users have extensive options to work on projects in a processcontrolled manner.

4 SiteFusion Portal

Allowing external content partners to securely and easily interact with the CMS proved to be the perfect solution to meet today’s needs, while offering vast extensibility for future product development.